Our Services

Business Valuations

We tailor the scope of our business valuations to our client’s specific needs and the purpose of the engagement.

When appropriate, our valuation report provides an overview of the company, industry, economy; discusses value drivers; outlines the analysis performed, along with the inputs and assumptions; and incorporate detailed exhibits that support our Business valuation model conclusion.

Business valuation analysis is accurate and the report is defensible, and if challenged, we provide our clients with additional support. We determine the value of a business for capital transactions, stock issuance, partnership matters, and business planning.

Confidential Investment Memorandums

The Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) is a detailed 20 to 30-page report designed to position your business in the best light to potential buyers to command a premium value.

The CIM captures key acquisition valuation methods and competitive advantages of your business, and why your company may make a valuable acquisition.

The CIM contains most of the facts buyers need to understand your business, see its value, and prepare an offer.

Advisory Services

Business owners and founders need to determine the value of a business prior to mergers, fundraising, or issuing stock.

We walk you through any capital transaction facing your business. Whether it be a sale, merger, fundraise, or SPAC purchase, we are there to assist you throughout the process.

Our business advisory team will provide you with a buyers list if needed, meet with potential buyers on your behalf, and negotiate to ensure you are getting the best possible deal and fit.

If you are considering any capital transaction within the next 6-12 months feel free to to contact our business to determine your value.